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Beijing Downtown Car Rental Service

Service Route: Beijing Downtown Car Rental Service
Car Type: Red Flag(4 seats), Mercedes MB100(9 Seats), Toyota Coster(20 Seats), King Long Bus (35 - 45 Seats )...
Duration: 8 hours

Price from $ 122

 Tour Itinerary

* B(Breakfast), L(Lunch), D(Dinner)

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Our guide and driver will pick you up from the hote and then transfer to visit following sights.

Forbidden City
The Forbidden City is a national architectural treasure. All the main buildings in the Forbidden City are on the meridian line facing south, and the less important buildings are ranged to the east and west.

The Forbidden City is divided into two parts, front part and rear part. The front part of it was known as the "outer court": here the emperor received high officials and conducted the sated affairs; behind it is the "inner court": where the emperor lived with his consorts, and to the rear is the imperial garden, where the imperial family could enjoy their leisure time. The splendour of the Forbidden City lies not in the details, but rather in its rich colour, now wonderfully mellowed by age, the magnificently simple sweep of its roofs, and the stupendous scale of its layout. These buildings are all of timber.

The Forbidden City attracts thousands of visitors from home and overseas each day with its magnificent architecture, and precious collections of cultural and art objects.

forbidden city 24

Temple of Heaven
The Temple of Heaven is situated in the southern part of Beijing city. The glazed-title roofs of the temples are deep blue and the platforms constructed of slabs of white marble. Each of the three platforms consists of three tiers, making a total of nine tiers-nine in Chinese cosmology symbolizing heaven. As a matter of fact, the number and layout of every single slab used in the platforms is determined according to cosmological principle.

The Temple of Heaven was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped heaven and prayed for good harvests. At first, both the temple and earth were worshipped here. After 1530 when the Temple of Earth was built, only the heaven was worshipped in this temple.

The Temple of Heaven is regarded as one of the greatest architectural structures in the world. Some environmental artists and gardeners describe the Temple of Heaven as a place where people can talk to heaven.

temple of heaven 04

Summer Palace
The Summer Palace has a history of over 800 years. The 1911 Revolution overthrew the Qing Dynasty, the last Dynasty in Chinese history. Since then, the Summer Palace became the private property of the dethroned Emperor Puyi. In 1914 he opened the garden to the general public. But the entrance fee was so high that the palace had very few visitors. In 1924, the Emperor Puyi was forced to leave the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace was taken over by Beijing government. Then, the Summer Palace was turned into a public park with the exorbitant entrance fee of one silver dollar.

There are few people know that the Summer Palace has one of the richest collections of cultural relics in China, probably in the world as well. There are 40,000 relics in collection, including many that are extremely rare. In both historical and artistic value, the collection in the Summer Palace matches the collections of the Forbidden City. The collection includes more than 20,000 relics that are under special protection as national treasures. As a part of the cultural treasures, the 4000,000 trees that also crystallize the essence of Chinese culture have been well looked after. Amongst the trees, 1,600 are more than 200 years old. Every tree has a file and is kept in the Garden's database for protection.

summer palace 06

 Service cost (Per Car Per Way in US $)

Car Type Service Cost
Passat (4 seats) for 1-3 Persons $122
Mercedes MB100 (11 seats) for 4-6 Persons $152
Toyota Coster (20 Seats) for 7-15 Persons $182
King Long Bus (35 Seats) for 16-25 Persons $212
King Long Bus (45 Seats) for 26-40 Persons $230
 Price Includes
  • One Way Transfer from Beijing Hotel to Forbidden City,Temple of Heaven or Summer Palace;
  • Toll fee on the way;
  • Gas fee on the way;
  • Parking fee on the way;
  Price Excludes
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance

 Service Note

1. Vehicles Condition:
We use the air-conditioned and well-shaped vehicles. All the vehicles are licensed with insurance. All vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning; can carry standard luggage; are always clean, tidy and odour-and damage-free; are not refuelled during the transfer; are parked within a distance of not more than 100 metres from the collection point.

    • For 1-2 Travelers: We use car(4 seats);
    • For 3-6 Travelers: We use van(9-11 seats);
    • For 7-15 Travelers: We use mini bus(20 seats);
    • For 16-25 Travelers: We use middle bus(33 seats);
    • For 26-40 Travelers: We use big coach (45 seats);

2. Drivers Service Level:
All the drivers have the official licenses with at least over 3 years' driving experience. All drivers select the most dynamic route, observe local traffic regulations; are properly dressed; are familiar with the region; refrain from smoking,eating and drinking in the passengers presence.